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Lala Phezulu

We host an event yearly in appreciation of our wonderful roof top tent family. There is nothing better each year to connect with old friends and make new ones! Our roof top tent family is a tight knit bunch, which always makes this event a pleasure to host!


Fire Building : Won by Barb
Sling Shot : Won by Andrew
Tug of war : no idea lol

LAla Phezulu 2019


Another year has come and gone! i can hardly believe how quickly time flies!

Thank you to all who joined us this year at lala phezulu, as always we loved seeing old friends and meeting new! Each year we are always reminded how blessed we are to have such great customers a lot who we now consider friends! Thank you all!

I think the images say it all, the games were enjoyed by all, well done to the winners!

Dan thanks for guiding the trip to the waterfalls, it was most enjoyed by all!

A huge thanks to Ron Melchiore and his wife Joanna, what an inspiration you are! Thank you for taking the time to drive all the way to our event to inspire us with your incredible adventures! 

Rod, thanks again for the awesome brew :-) and to Meadowbrook farms for a great dinner and for being so professional.

 David, thank you for the great music and for being the MC :-)​​

I also want to say thanks to Robert for making the coasters and signs, to Dan for the key chains and to Jen for the mug prizes and the lala decals

Also a huge thanks to Sandy & Barb , Shaun and Chad & Marlo for all the help with setting up and packing up! Thanks also to Blu for bringing his trailer with that wicked awning, it was most appreciated Blu thanks!

Matt from 4 wheel drive magazine, thanks for driving out and for taking the firefly rtt for a spin, we think you will fall in love with rtt camping, after all no comparison to sleeping on the ground!

Cory Thanks for taking photos, so appreciated.

I know i have probably forgotten someone somewhere and i apologize in advance for that.. :-)



Lots of faces missing in this pic... where were you guys!

Once again i think maybe you were hovering around the kegs  :-)

A awesome group of our wild coast tent family roof top tenters

Lala Phezulu 2018

Lala Phezulu 2018

Once again Lala Phezulu was hosted at Viditos and it was so great to meet all of you and of course to catch up with familiar faces. Thank you all of you for joining us and making this event totally awesome, dates are booked for next year so add it to your calendar JULY 12th 2019

Rod graciously made beer again, thanks Rod as always your beer is fantastic!

Live acoustic music on Sat evening was played by David Chamberland who is a local musician from Bear River, David you were the star!

Halifax Live105 joined as did nova scotia bushcraft!

Prizes were won and the Fire challenge for a gstove was a total hoot and the rope pulling contest was awesome too!

The river and pool were enjoyed by young and old, dogs and a kitten :-)

We had a customer drive all the way from BC thank you Lynn you rock girl!

Lala Phezulu 2018

A awesome group of our wild coast tent family roof top tenters


Lala Phezulu 2017

Lala Phezulu 2017

Another very successful and special year for Lala Phezulu :-)

​Thank you to all our customers that travelled from near and far, it was wonderful to meet new friends and see old friends.. we are truly blessed to have such a great fun bunch of roof top tenters! 

Rod thank you so much for so generously supplying the beer!  It was absolutely great! 

Robert thanks for providing us with your excellent pig roasting skills! 

Jen your cupcakes were fantastic and looked really good in "Carlas" hair too :-) 

Shaun and Andrew thanks for the winching demo!

​​We already have next year booked at Viditos so mark your calendar JULY 13th. 

We are going to change it up a bit and have a few over-landing ideas......as always we welcome any and all suggestions!!

If you haven't already, join our Wild Coast Tents Owners group on FB 

For all the photos you all took thank you so much.. special thanks to Jay and Cory you guys took some really awesome photos!

Lala Phezulu 2017

 I see a few of our peeps are missing from this group photo, you must have been keeping the kegs company :-) 

Jay Won the "Distance Travelled" 

​From Left to right...

Back: Peter, Trish, Sarah, Nick, Robert, Glenn, Jadidja, Dan, Cory, Tia & Ro

Lala Phezulu 2016


 First year hosting this event which turned out fantastically! 

Thank you to all of you that came, to those that couldn't make it, sorry for the short notice, but dates are set for next year so mark it in your calendar's now!

We have a lot of ideas for our 2017 event, and are open to all ideas from all of you. 

Thanks to all our incredible customers we are truly blessed to have met each and every one of you

A special thank you to Robert for making the most incredible spit for "Fred"! Thank you for all your help and support!

Thanks also to all those who took photos and to Jim & Rob for the drone footage, sorry you both crashed, perhaps we need a course on how to avoid trees with drones :-)

Thanks to all our incredible customers, we now consider friends,  we are truly blessed to have met each and every one of you!


​From Left to right...

Back: Peter, Trish, Sarah, Nick, Robert, Glenn, Jadidja, Dan, Cory, Tia & Rod

Font: Jim, Allison, Jenny, Taryn, Cathy, Jackie, Shaun